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National Volunteer Week 2023

This week (15 – 21 May) is National Volunteer week, and sets out to celebrate the power of how volunteers drive change and ensure that volunteering is inclusive.

The 2023 theme for National Volunteer Week is The Change Makers.  This recognises that volunteers dedicate time and energy to effect change in their communities which VFBV believes sums up CFA volunteers perfectly.

This year’s them identifies change makers as people who are driven to contribute for the greater good; are passionate about the causes they care about; turn their passions into purpose; are a force for social change; and give their time and energy to make a difference for their communities. 

Adam Barnett, VFBV CEO, thanked CFA volunteers for the time and energy they dedicate to making change within communities across Victoria, and said that each of these qualities are evident each and every day in CFA volunteers.

“VFBV passes on our deep gratitude, respect and appreciation to all CFA volunteers for the work you do in your communities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

“Over the past 12 months this has been evident where in addition to protecting their own communities, many CFA volunteers travelled afar to flood affected areas across the state to effect change in communities in need.  While it would be easier to say this was someone else’s job, CFA volunteers again put their hand up to come to communities in need. Your ‘can do’ attitude should be celebrated, respected and acknowledged by everyone.“

“Victorian’s are safer because of the work you do, and we could not be more proud of you, your brigades and all those that support you in the work you do to protect lives and property” he said.

Adam also noted that it is not only CFA volunteers who contribute to the safety of Victoria. These are also volunteers from the broader emergency services sector such as VicSES, St John Ambulance, Ambulance Victoria, Life Saving Victoria, Coast Guard, Salvation Army, Red Cross and the Victorian Council of Churches Emergencies Ministry – just to name a few who work together to contribute their time, skills and resources to make change in their communities as emergency management volunteers.

The 3V’s report “Uncovering the hidden value”, conservatively estimates that Victoria’s 100,000 emergency service volunteers contribute $1.9 to $2.5 billion in value each year.

From VFBV, thank you and well done for you incredible dedication and service to the people of Victoria and beyond, not just this week but every hour, day, week and month of the year.


About VFBV: VFBV is established under the Country Fire Authority Act and is the peak body for CFA Volunteers in Victoria. VFBV works tirelessly to represent, advocate and support CFA volunteers to the CFA Board and management, governments, ministers, members of parliament, councils, instrumentalities, business and the public. Our vision is for Strong Volunteerism, Embraced to Build Community Resilience for a Safer Victoria.


Want to read more about CFA volunteers? 

VFBV regularly publish stories about CFA volunteers, please explore our website to discover some of these amazing stories. 

Interested in becoming a CFA volunteer?

Visit https://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/volunteers-careers/volunteer-with-cfa/apply-to-volunteer to find out more information.


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CFA Volunteers are the unpaid professionals of our Emergency Services. VFBV is their united voice, and speaks on behalf of Victoria's 60,000 CFA Volunteers.