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Affiliation with VFBV

Affiliating with VFBV

Any CFA Brigade or Group can affiliate with the VFBV. Invoices for Brigade & Welfare Fund affiliations are sent out by mail.

To be eligible to subscribe to the Welfare Fund, your Brigade must be affiliated with VFBV, which pays all of the Fund's operating costs.

The number of Brigades and Groups affiliating with VFBV has risen steadily in recent years to record levels.


Advantages of Affiliation

Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) is the voice of CFA Volunteers, and is established under the Country Fire Authority Act.  VFBV represents all CFA volunteers in communication with the CFA Board and Management, Governments, Members of Parliament, councils, instrumentalities, business and the public.

CFA is a volunteer-based emergency service, providing an internationally renowned and cost effective system of protecting our state from fire.  In the interests of maintaining and developing the service, with its inherent community capacity building advantages, VFBV provides CFA with a direct connection to the volunteers, and the benefits of their experience and practical advice on;

•strategic and practical leadership;
•effective planning; 
•volunteer support services;
•recruitment and sustainment programs;
•accessible quality training;
•equipment and infrastructure.

VFBV maintains direct links with grass roots volunteers, understanding their issues, needs and concerns through a state-wide network of District Councils and elected volunteer representatives. The VFBV Board meets with the CFA Board as the peak forum for strategic consultation on matters affecting volunteers, from policy development and volunteer welfare, to equipment, infrastructure, volunteer development and planning for CFA’s future.  VFBV and CFA also have Joint Committees that meet regularly with CFA Department Heads and Chiefs to discuss all matters affecting volunteers.  The two organisations also form working parties from time to time to work through smaller or one-off projects.

Make your Voice Heard

Affiliation gets you a seat at this very important table, and gives you a voice.  Affiliation entitles you to send two delegates from your brigade to be represented at District Council, and entitles you to two votes on all matters raised for endorsement. Your delegates are able to influence policy and decision, as well as represent your brigades’ views and concerns at a District level, and at a State level through State Council.  Your Brigade can also apply for representation on Joint-Committees, Working Parties and Reference Groups by getting involved in your District Council.

Some brigades think that they should only be affiliated if they wish to compete in the Urban or Rural Championships. Whilst the championships provide an important further dimension to Brigade life and the role the volunteer association plays in a coordinating and supportive role, there are many other reasons why affiliation should be important to your Brigade.

Affiliated Brigades have access to a wide field of support that comes from our statewide representation.  Not only can this be a crucial sounding board, where your brigade can learn from the experiences of hundreds of other brigades, but the depth of knowledge and commonality of issues means your Brigade can receive assistance on any number of issues that arise from time to time.  Whether it’s advice on a new appliance, help in influencing a CFA policy or decision, or help in mediating an issue between your Brigade and a CFA Officer or Manager, you have ready access to a broad range of support.  Because of our strong representation at all levels of CFA, we have the negotiating power and strength that comes from numbers that make VFBV a strong advocate on issues that affect your Brigade and all CFA volunteers.

Affiliation also makes your brigade eligible to be a part of the Welfare Fund, which provides support to volunteers facing difficult financial situations due to loss of work, family illness or death, accidental injury or even drought or floods.  When your 0Brigade subscribes, the fund provides coverage for all volunteer members of the brigade, their families and any ex-member of a brigade who was a registered volunteer for 20 years or more.

The Benefits

In summary, if your Brigade wants its voice to be heard, if you think your Brigade should have an effective say in CFA policy and procedures, then it is crucial that you affiliate.  Being part of VFBV provides your Brigade with a direct pathway to CFA and its decision makers, and offers strong volunteer representation through District Councils, Forums, Joint Committees and working parties.  It provides your Brigade with a gateway to a broad range of support and knowledge, and provides crucial assistance and support in the times when you need it most.

Through affiliation, all brigades can share experience, knowledge and costs, to the benefit of every CFA volunteer.  Every affiliated brigade plays an important role in our efforts to maintain an effective community based volunteer system of fire and emergency service, supported by highly trained and dedicated operational, training, support and administrative staff at strategic locations.

A brigade on its own has a limited capacity to influence.  Being part of a statewide network of brigades that are focussed on your issues and needs provides strong and credible representation at the highest levels of the CFA’s organisation.  VFBV not only provides your brigade with practical support, but also strategic support  in ensuring volunteers get the respect, recognition and support for themselves and their families, and for their self sacrifice and the commitment they make to protecting our community.

Affiliation with VFBV is an investment in building the CFA of tomorrow into a more effective emergency service that makes use of the experience and knowledge of its volunteers and looks after their needs.

Annual Reports

VFBV Annual Reports are presented at each years Annual General Meeting, and then posted to all member Brigades shortly thereafter. (usually October).


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CFA Volunteers are the unpaid professionals of our Emergency Services. VFBV is their united voice, and speaks on behalf of Victoria's 60,000 CFA Volunteers.


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