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Updating your Vaccination Status (Update)

This article was first published on the 14th October, and is regularly updated with Booster requirements for Emergency Services Workers. This page reflects information as of (Mandatory Vaccination [Specified Workers] Order 2022 [No. 6], dated 12th April 2022.)

For the information of members, CFA is obligated under the Pandemic Health Directions to collect and store your vaccination status. CFA is requesting that all members please update their CFA record with their COVID-19 Vaccination status as soon as possible.

Members are reminded to update your CFA record after you receive your booster.

You can do so via the CFA website, or by calling CFA’s Service Delivery Reporting Centre via (03) 9262 8663 between 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week.

Under Victoria’s new pandemic management framework, Chief Health Officer (CHO) directions have been replaced with Pandemic Orders that are now made by the health minister. CFA and other emergency service volunteers like the SES are all classified as ‘Emergency Service Workers’ under the current pandemic orders.

The order currently in place as at writing and relating to CFA is the COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Specific Workers) Order 2022 (No.6) which commenced on 12 April 2022 and ends on the 12 July 2022. This order covers booster deadlines.

Under this order, emergency service workers who received their second dose on or before the 12th September last year – and who wish to continue to work outside their normal place of residence - are required to have received their 3rd dose (booster) by the 12 March 2022.

Members can view all Pandemic orders for themselves at: health.vic.gov.au

Members can update their status via any of the following methods: 



    Members are encouraged to visit https://www.members.cfa.vic.gov.au/ and input their own status.


    If you can't access the website, or don't have a CFA online ID, you can call (03) 9262 8663 and provide your details over the phone. 

    This number is being staffed by CFA's Service Delivery Support Centre (SDRC) who are the same people that you call to enter your Fire Reports, and is open between 9am to 9pm.


    Your Brigade Administrative Support Officer (BASO) can also assist you. They are contactable through the usual arrangements, and details can be found in your District Contact Book.


    Brigade Captains, and your 1st Lieutenant can assist with the collection of data and are able to enter your details through their own CFA Brigades Online account. If Brigade Officer's are unsure of how to do this, they can contact their BASO for instructions.


Information on how to book your vaccine can be found here: Book your vaccine appointment | Coronavirus Victoria

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