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RCH Good Friday Appeal

A defining sight of the Good Friday Appeal is the thousands of volunteers standing at traffic lights, in camping grounds and clubs and at many events, shaking the Good Friday Appeal tins as people open their hearts and their wallets to support.

CFA members have supported the Good Friday Appeal since 1951. Over those many years of support, CFA members have raised more than $35 million for the Good Friday Appeal, to support the Royal Children's Hospital with their life saving care for our kids.

In addition to the normal tin shakes and events, many brigades have registered for the Virtual Tin Shake. More than 160 volunteer brigades participated last year, and this year it is expected to grow even larger.  Visit https://www.virtualtinshake.com.au/sponsor?kw=CFA and search for your closest brigade with a virtual tin.

We share the following CFA stories that highlight volunteers strong connections and support with the Goof Friday Appeal.


Face of Good Friday becomes honorary CFA member 

CFA’s Doreen Fire Brigade has welcomed face of the 2022 Good Friday Appeal, Isla, as an honorary member of the brigade

Isla met with brigade members on Monday, 28 March, for a tour of the fire station and truck to help promote the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Good Friday Appeal.

The eight-year-old is in remission after spending half her life in treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Today she met with members of the Doreen Brigade where she was decked out in firefighter gear, had a go using a fire hose and went for a ride in the fire truck.

After Isla’s day with the brigade she promptly turned to her mum and said “I need to come back here every weekend so I can take care of business.”

Isla is back to her bubbly self at school too and dancing to her little heart’s content.

The Appeal also has special significance to CFA Doreen Brigade, as two of Captain Robert Bury’s grandchildren have received life-saving care at the hospital.

Grandson Daniel was diagnosed in vitro with a blockage of the heart in 2001, and Granddaughter Charli was born at 26 weeks gestation, weighing just 740g.

Upon Daniel’s arrival he was immediately transferred to the RCH where he would become one of the first newborns to receive a pacemaker. This saved Daniel’s life.

When Daniel turned 18, he received a new pacemaker in a 10-hour operation.

“Daniel would not be alive today without RCH and their wonderful doctors,” Robert said.

Charli developed Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) and when she became septic was transferred to the RCH. Robert’s wife Carole said that every day was a trial.

“Eventuality after a full 6 months she was well enough to come home. Charli has had several follow ups at RCH and had revision surgery,” Carole said.

“Without the RCH and their wonderful dedicated and caring doctors we would not have these two amazing grandchildren”.

Doreen, along with Epping CFA, will be collecting again this year at the intersection of Cooper and High Streets, Epping. Over the years they have raised a total of $171,000 and this year have set a target of $20,000.

“We run a bit of a competition amongst the rattlers to see who can collect the most from every mode of transport including buses, taxis, ambulances, police cars, fire trucks, motorcycles, horses, and pedestrians”, Robert said.

“At the end of Good Friday we like to escort the collection into the city to meet up with other CFA Brigades whilst we await the final tally of the day’s collection.”

Good Friday Appeal Executive Director, Rebecca Cowan said they’re so grateful to CFA for their continued support of the Good Friday Appeal.

“For 71 years, CFA have been supporting the Good Friday Appeal in raising much needed funds for The Royal Children's Hospital and every year we are inspired by their generous contributions,” Rebecca said.

“So many of our CFA fundraisers have a personal connection to The Royal Children’s Hospital, making the partnership even more significant. We’re grateful to the CFA for all their hard work and support and are incredibly thankful to every Victorian who donates to their local CFA”.

CFA members have supported the Good Friday Appeal since 1951 (71 years), volunteering their time and raising funds for the hospital and have raised more than $35 million. The 2022 Good Friday Appeal will be held on Friday 15 April.

To find out more on how you can donate please visit: https://www.virtualtinshake.com.au/fundraisers/EppingandDoreenFireBrigades/virtual-tin-shake


Knox Group aims high for the kids

CFA’s Knox Group of brigades has a long tradition of raising money for the Good Friday Appeal and this year will be no different.

Over the years the group has just come short of their ultimate goal of reaching $40,000, so this year they are determined to reach that figure.

Knox Group consists of eight fire brigades covering Bayswater, Boronia, Ferntree Gully, Montrose, Rowville, Scoresby, The Basin and Upper Ferntree Gully.

Knox Group CFA Secretary Darryl Cardona said he’s conducted a meeting with the group of brigades, the target has been set, and they’re all on board.

Boronia brigade volunteer Bill Ireland, who has been raising money for the Good Friday Appeal for the past 50 years, said this year he will again be collecting money outside the Boronia Hotel on the corner of Boronia and Dorset roads, as he does every year.

“Collecting money for the Good Friday Appeal gives me a great feeling. My son was a patient at the Royal Children’s Hospital and he endured many operations, so it’s my pleasure to help the hospital and the children out," he said.

It’s not just the adults raising money this year, with the Boronia Juniors actively involved. This year they will undertake a car wash at Fast Fuel Wantirna between 8am and 2pm, with hopes of raising $2,000 on the day.

Boronia brigade Captain Ramon Relph said they have been doing this car washing event for the past six years.

“We feel it gives our Juniors a sense of achievement and involvement when they collect for the RCH." Ramon said.

“As the Captain it makes me proud to see the Juniors give up their public holiday to help others. I have been in the CFA for over 20 years and look forward to Good Friday every year.”

Scoresby Fire Brigade will also be collecting money at BP Eastlink on the Thursday outbound, when half of Melbourne drive to the Mornington Peninsula and again on Good Friday.

The Basin brigade will collect at Burwood Hwy and Dawson St, near the popular 1,000 Steps at Upper Ferntree Gully, and Montrose brigade will be collecting on Canterbury Rd and Mountain Hwy.

Montrose brigade volunteer Eddie Tichelaar said they have local elderly residents walk up to them every year to donate money they have saved throughout the year. 

“Many no longer drive and enjoy just coming up and thanking CFA which is very generous,” he said.

Royal Children’s Hospital also has a special place in Eddie’s heart, with his daughter Danielle diagnosed with a congenital heart block four months before she was born.

“For the next 18 years the RCH was a second home for our family,” he said.

CFA members have supported the Good Friday Appeal since 1951, volunteering their time and raising funds for the hospital and have raised more than $35 million. The 2022 Good Friday Appeal will be held on Friday 15 April.


Sebastopol aiming high for the Good Friday Appeal

Sebastopol Brigade is close to hitting a total of $500,000 in money raised for the Royal Children’s Hospital this year.

Sebastopol Fire Brigade volunteers started collecting in 1977 with the driving influence being Lieutenant Bill Faulkhead, who had a child cared for at the Royal Children’s Hospital at the time.

Bill’s son Jarrod was born with Oesophageal Atresia where his throat was not correctly joined to his stomach and was rushed to the Royal Children’s Hospital ICU, where his life was saved.

In the first year, the brigade collected $407. Fast forward to 2022 and Sebastopol has collected a total of $482,569 in the 44 years to date.


Sebastopol Brigade’s 2nd Lieutenant of Training, David Walker said the brigade has a friendly rivalry with the Eureka Group.

“We have a trophy for whoever raises the largest amount of money each year and Sebastopol currently hold that trophy – we intend to win it again this year!” David said.

This year the volunteers will be doing tin collections on the Thursday and on Good Friday, asking local residents to again dig deep.

“We will have members out collecting at the Sebastopol Woolworths and Aldi stores in Albert St Sebastopol, and at Delacombe Woolworths in the Delacombe Town Centre leading up to Good Friday,” he said.

“We will also be running our usual Good Friday roadside collections and collecting at the fire station.”

In the past, Sebastopol has found novel ways to raise money. They have participated in radio auctions where they auctioned off a duck, paintings and a ‘has-been ‘ram.

One year, brigade members were shocked when Dame Edna Everage was in town and Lieutenant Bill Faulkhead turned up in his wife’s ballgown, shower cap and a shawl.

Sebastopol member Bill Cook says it’s a privilege to get up every Good Friday to collect money.

“It’s an absolute honour to raise money for one of the best children’s hospitals in the world,” he said.

“I know many parents who have had children in the Hospital and hearing their stories just eggs us on that little bit extra to support such a worthy cause.”

If Sebastopol hits the $500,000 mark this year, they will produce a celebration shirt recognising the 45th year.

CFA members have supported the Good Friday Appeal since 1951 (71 years), volunteering their time and raising funds for the hospital and have raised more than $35 million. The 2022 Good Friday Appeal will be held on Friday 15 April.

You can donate to Sebastopol’s tally here: https://www.virtualtinshake.com.au/fundraisers/SebastopolCFA/virtual-tin-shake


Moe brigade help raise over $1m for Good Friday Appeal

Moe Fire Brigade volunteers will once again be hitting the streets next weekend to add to the local tally of Good Friday Appeal funds raised.

Over the past 30 years Moe brigade raised money every year for the Royal Children’s Hospital, and to date the volunteers have contributed more than $1m from Moe and Newborough.

For some members it means more to them just rattling their tins.

As a child, Moe brigade’s 2nd Lieutenant Tara Paulsen suffered from croup which triggered severe asthma attacks and she was frequently admitted to the Royal Children’s Hospital. After several visits they discovered that damp air was a trigger, allowing the condition to be treated.

“I’m so fortunate for these amazing doctors that I haven’t required any medication since I was 15,” Tara said.

“I am only here today because of the RCH and I’m not sure I can ever truly put into words how grateful I am.”

This year Tara, along with other members of Moe brigade, will be collecting outside the local McDonald’s roundabout at the corner of the Princes Highway and Lloyd St.

When they’ve finished they will take their collection tins to the Newborough Bowls Club where the coins will be tallied and then added to the town’s overall total.  

“The generosity of the community I see every year has helped save the lives of so many children,” Tara said.

Raising money for the Good Friday Appeal has also become a family affair, with Tara’s father John saving all his coins throughout the year and giving them to CFA fundraisers.

“For the past ten years, dad has riden his motorbike from Melbourne to Moe to put the money he’s kept into the CFA volunteers' tins,” Tara said.

CFA members have supported the Good Friday Appeal since 1951 (71 years), volunteering their time and raising funds for the hospital and have raised more than $35 million. The 2022 Good Friday Appeal will be held on Friday 15 April.

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