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Our Community, Our CFA

We are tens of thousands of Victorians, committed to protecting lives and property.

We are skilled, determined and here to serve Victorians now and into the future.

We are from the community and for the community.

We are CFA.

Watch the 'Our Community, our CFA' video here.

Watch the short video to gain an appreciation and understanding of Victoria's iconic CFA, one of the largest and most professional volunteer emergency services in the world. Excerpts from the video journey are displayed below to help you reflect on the incredible fire service built by volunteers with selfless grit and determination to benefit their communities and the Victorian public.

 Determined  We are determined
 Community Focused  We are community focused
 Reliable and Trusted  We are trusted and reliable
 Strength through diversity  We draw strength through diversity
 50,000+ committed members  Are made up of more than 50,000 committed members
 More than 1200 brigades  Across 1,217 volunteer fire brigades
 Proudly protecting 4M+ Victorians  Proudly serving over 4 Million Victorians
 Representing Victorian Spirit  Representing Victorian Spirit from every corner of the State
 Responding to bushfires  We respond to bushfires
 Responding to house fires  ...and house fires
Providing community education  We provide community education both before, during and after emergencies
Providing Road crash rescue  We provide road crash rescue
Responding to 33,000+ calls for help  And respond to more than 33,000 incidents every year
Wherever we are needed  We respond wherever we're needed
Preparing communities  We assist communities prepare for emergencies
 Across 224,000 km2 of Victoria  Across more than 224,000 squared kilometers of Victoria
 Highly Trained  We are highly trained
 Research and Evidence  We use research and evidence to guide our decision making
 Valuable local knowledge  We provide valuable local knowledge before, during and after emergencies
 Experienced across all landscapes  We are experienced across all landscapes
Diverse Skill Sets  We have broad and diverse skill sets
Flexible and inclusive roles  And have flexible and inclusive roles to encourage diversity of skills, people, thought and gender
Strong community roots  We are born from the communities we serve providing strong community roots
Focused on prevention  We are focused on prevention...
Beyond emergency response  ...that stretches far beyond just initial emergency response
Over 75 years of service  CFA has been operating for more than 75 years and volunteer fire brigades existed well before that
Through Victorias darkest days  We have stood by our communities through Victoria's darkest days
Evolving with our community  We have evolved over time with our communities 
Progressive emergency service  We are a progressive emergency service
Adapting to changing climates  Adapting to changing climates and new threats
Ready for our next chapter  We are ready for the future and our next chapter as a proud fully volunteer fire service
Trusted and skilled  Our people...
Deeply connected  ...are what makes...
Our people are what make CFA  ...CFA what it is today
Our Community Our CFA  Our Community. Our CFA


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CFA Volunteers are the unpaid professionals of our Emergency Services. VFBV is their united voice, and speaks on behalf of Victoria's 60,000 CFA Volunteers.