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VFBV Board Vacancies - Invitation to Apply

Invitation open to all CFA volunteers to apply

Closing date for written applications is Monday 2nd September 2024.

VFBV advances the interests for all Victorian fire brigade volunteers and advocates on their behalf to CFA and other key stakeholders. The VFBV Board drives policy development based on volunteer input and is involved in the management of issues of central importance to all CFA volunteers.

VFBV invites applications from any CFA volunteer who is motivated by the prospect of making a difference and believes they have the skills to contribute to the VFBV Board.

Vacancies on the VFBV Board will arise when the terms of four VFBV Board members expire on the 1st October 2024. Of the four members whose terms are expiring, two members are eligible for re-appointment.

The term of appointment will be to 1st October 2026 (two years) and applications are invited from interested volunteers to be considered for these vacancies.

The role of a VFBV Board Member involves contributing to VFBV direction, policy determination and monitoring the performance and governance of the Association.  This includes actively contributing to policy discussion, consulting with CFA volunteers and contributing to the identification and management of strategic issues.

This is an honorary position; no honorarium is paid.

VFBV is seeking applications from gender and culturally diverse candidates, in additional to a diverse range of skills and experience including from applicants from diverse brigade types and classifications.

Prior to applying you should familiarise yourself with the following documents, each available for download at the bottom of this page:

  1. VFBV Board Member Role Statement including key selection criteria
  2. VFBV Board Code of Conduct Policy and Declaration
  3. VFBV Conflict of Interest Policy and Declaration

How to apply

If you are motivated by the prospect of making a difference for CFA volunteers, then send your written application addressing the following:

  1. The key selection criteria in the role statement
  2. An outline of your VFBV involvement and experience or in the case of there being none – outline how you have supported or advocated for VFBV positions/campaigns or support CFA volunteer improvements
  3. An outline of your CFA activity
  4. A resume, including the names of two referees

Applications must be lodged with VFBV by Monday 2nd September 2024.

Applications should be marked Private and Confidential and addressed to: VFBV, 9/24 Lakeside Drive, Burwood East VIC 3151

Or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax (03) 9886 1618. 

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the VFBV office on (03) 9886 1141.

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CFA Volunteers are the unpaid professionals of our Emergency Services. VFBV is their united voice, and speaks on behalf of Victoria's 60,000 CFA Volunteers.